Theme Accessibility

Accessibility for WordPress with Joe Dolson

Joe talks about a cool Chrome plugin (NoCoffe) that can be used to simulate multiple vision disabilities. Joe uses a free screen reader called NVAD for testing. Using fancy JavaScript to add something to the page will not trigger a screen reader, I may need to test my AJAX enabled plugins. :-( Never use a div for an element such as the search since it isn’t typically a event trigger and will not be picked up by screen readers and you can’t tab to it.

Color contrast is important for showing links in text if you don’t want to underline the link text. You need a 4.5:1 contrast between the link and background and a 3:1 contrast between the link and surrounding text. There is a plugin called Access Monitor that you can use to schedule accessibility tests for your site.

There are a lot of considerations for accessibility that I am sure that our site does not meet. For example, I am sure that not all of out images have alt text. Nor do our videos have transcripts. The way that our sliders for posts and SELCOtv work I am pretty sure that they would not be screen reader friendly either.

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